May 01, 2022

JCDC and MBL sign contract for project site preparation Construction on a global destination in the heart of Jeddah is set to commence

Jeddah, 23 May 2022: In an ambitious new move aimed at creating a vibrant global destination in the heart of Jeddah through innovative, sustainable construction methods and technologies, the Jeddah Central Development Company (JCDC), a wholly-owned Public Investment Fund (PIF) company, has signed a development contract with Modern Building Leaders Ltd. (MBL).

The contract, signed by Eng. Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Sulaim, CEO of JCDC, and Mr Mohammed Saleh Bin Laden, Chairman, MBL, marks the beginning of the project’s first phase, which will commence in the heart of Jeddah, between Al-Salam Royal Palace and water desalination plant.

Under the terms of the contract, MBL will carry out the project’s infrastructure and marine works, including the demolition of nearly 400 buildings within the city’s existing infrastructure. This first phase will also see redirection of water, electric, and waste management infrastructure services, which all run across 6.5 km. Dredging works, marine drilling, and sustainable backfilling using the same drilled materials (which are estimated to amount to 4 million cubic meters) will also be handled by MBL. This will be followed by a period of soil testing and construction site preparation, all utilizing the latest geotechnical engineering methods, across a 1.5 square-meter area.

Furthermore, sea berths and yacht marinas spanning 2.5 km will be built, along with floating berths within the marina itself. 1.5 km of waterfront berths will also be constructed, while the city’s public and private beaches will be outfitted with modern new facilities.